About EMForensics

What We Do

Welcome to the web-home of EMForensics, where we pass on what we've learned about marine non-communications RF systems --

  • The behaviors we've observed,
  • What the manufacturers own up to,
  • What can be deduced from the photographs we find,
  • How to identify the manufacturer - not necessarily the name on the antenna, 

-- Anything and everything, no matter how trivial. 

We do:

  • Provide links to useful web-sites
  • Explore the written works of our contemporaries and some very, very illustrious predecessors
  • Offer a service - provide us with your signal data, or any other data, and we will do our best to interpret this for you and our many other readers. 

We do not:

We are most emphatically not here to reveal your secrets, or anyone's secrets. We do not discuss Navy, Marine, Army, Air Force or Coastguard systems, from any nation. We care only to aid those who go down to the sea in ships to protect our homeland, to help them attain awareness of the domain surrounding our nation, those great oceans from whence may come unimaginable harm to the fabric of our society.

  • Our focus is not on those who would wreak disaster because of theological or ideological differences;

  • Our focus is not on those who would pollute one of our most abundant food sources;

  • Our focus is not on those who exploit human misery in the far corners of the world by trafficking of people;

  • Our focus is not on those who seek to exploit our frail addictions through the smuggling of narcotics;

  • Our focus is not on those who transport hazardous cargoes through our coastal waters  --

No. Our focus is on the people and organizations who focus on these matters.


  • You will find the MNR Handbook, a hefty study of civil marine navigation radars from their early days.

  • You will find links to useful sites - to manufacturers, and to other organizations with similar goals. 

  • You may find a lengthy but light-hearted tutorial on radars for would-be ELINT analysts.

  • Perhaps in due course you will find the Navy's excellent EW Handbook. 

  • Most of all, we hope that the maritime ESM Operator will find help in identifying the myriad of shipborne navigation radars, from the ancient Apelco series to the very latest offerings from Kelvin Hughes - their SharpEye radar - and the novel BR-24 FMCW radar system for small craft manufactured in Auckland, New Zealand, at Navico's ultra-modern electronics factory.

Enjoy - please come back often. And if you found our labors useful, please let us know.

At a pedestrian entrance to one of our nation's intelligence agencies is a site map, with an arrow pointing to the site-map's location, and the words "We know you are here...."  

We'd like you to know who's out there ...