Who We Are

Our Crew

  • The Principal Investigator
  • Non-Communications Signals Analysts 
  • Techniques Developers and Trainers


  • BSc (EE) SUNY Stony Brook
  • Diplomas in Physics, Mathematics, Communications, Languages, Software

Electro-magnetic Forensics Experience:

  • Our Principal Editor's career in electro-magnetic forensics began in earnest in 1965, and spans:

    • Twenty years in military intelligence

    • Nineteen years in various government agencies, as Program Manager, lead scientist, technical director, R&D team lead and technical sponsor

    • Five years in defense contracting, as Chief Architect, Lead System Engineer, Program Manager

    • Countless specialist technical studies and reports, from Soviet-era weapons systems to modern-day adaptive-networking architectures

    • Developing and delivering hundreds of hours of analyst career training

    • Research, analysis and Principal Editor of "The MNR Handbook"


  • Our Non-Communications Signals Analysts:

    •  Measure, characterize, appraise and report on a wide range of non-communications signaling systems - primarily radars, beacons, control systems.

  • Our Techniques Developers (aka geeks):

    • Are expert in Excel VBA, as the preferred language for sharing tools with non-geek developers;

    • Are expert in Matlab

    • Have extensive experience with other common developer languages and environments

  • Our trainers:

    • Have extensive experience in developing and delivering specialized training for non-communications ESM, Tactical and Technical ELINT personnel, and analysts, with particular focus on military career development.

Small we may be, but we punch well above our weight! For some idea of our range of services, please explore our site.