In The News - 2009-2010

News items and press releases about civil marine non-communications systems.
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A whole new type of application for mobile phones has been introduced by "Layar". Layar is brand new but spreading rapidly. According to Layar, "We are contributing the first maritime application: For Iphones and other mobiles using the Android operating system we have programmed an interface that converts the phone into a kind of pocket radar. Within a radius of about 3 miles vessels can be identified and their details are displayed automatically. Prerequisites: Your phone needs to have GPS, a compass and a camera on board. You can download the application for free at"



At last - two website developments. As you can see, since you are here, we have activated the 'headline' news page and linked it to our index of facilities; also, we have implemented the password-protected lockbox where we will be storing the many reports and other controlled-access materials for our subscribers.  


SeaCross radars
Thanks to JC Wise for drawing our attention to a new entry in the civil marine navigation radar market, C A Clase, based in the UK. Their product line appears to be based on Koden-manufactured systems, rather than any 'in-house' designs.  


Navico BR-24 FMCW radars: In our lockbox, we have added  a PDF format file containing characterization details for the Northstar system operating in its 0.125nm range scale.


JRC JMA-5200Mk2 and JRC JMA-5300Mk2 brochures added to our library, characterization reports for Radar1000, JRC JMA-2253 and JRC JMA-2254 available to subscribers 


ICOM: We have added an index for this small Japanese MNR manufacturer, along with brochures for its MR-570 and various versions of the MR-1000 series of radome- and array-based systems. This manufacturer is not yet in the MNR Handbook, but the source files are available here.


SI-Tex: Our catalog of SI-Tex documents is now largely completed, and may be accessed here. Subscriber-accessible behavioral studies of T-195 and T-295 systems are available here.


Favorites: we have begun activating our favorites links, here


We have added manuals for Anritsu products here and we have created catalog entries for ICOM, Interphase and SeaCross