Welcome to our repository of manuals and brochures for marine navigation radars, a collection that we maintain because we have found that brochures are often short-lived on the world-wide web. Products appear and go out of fashion with the manufacturer for all manner of reasons, but the products themselves linger on the market for possibly many years. A very good example of this is Anritsu, a manufacturer who withdrew from this particular marketplace almost two decades ago, and whose products may still be found on the high seas - sometimes as pure Anritsu products and sometimes in association with Simrad. So, the purpose of our archive is to preserve those handbooks and brochures that we are able to, not just for posterity but also in the expectation that some day they may be useful to you, our fellow seekers of information.

         There are many hundreds of radar systems out there - literally. Within the Marine Navigation Radar Handbook, which is far from being a comprehensive summary, there are over six hundred individual systems listed, and the primary focus for that study was the present-day catalog, so clearly there may be many more that we missed than those we included. As documents come our way, we will scan them and add them to our repository. So, in order to maintain some semblance of order to our bookshelves, our catalog is split into separate sections, one for each manufacturer or collaborating group of manufacturers. We make a few exceptions:

  • Koden, for example, has a section of its own, and its scanners also appear in various guises under other manufacturer brands. Why?  Because it became clear, in developing the Handbook, that some Koden scanners (those pedestals containing the antenna turning gear and often the majority of the signal-generation and processing electronics) are identifiable as such because of their designators, but exhibit very distinctive characteristics that are not part of the Koden design.
  • Kongsberg has a dedicated section, but also links to other manufacturers who appear to have provided scanners. These are Kelvin Hughes and Sperry Marine.

         To see a list of their products for which we have either brochures or manuals available, please click on the manufacturer's name:





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